Raine Thomas Talks About Her Main Characters in ‘Meant For Her’

‘Meant For Her’ by Raine Thomas




Note: Click HERE to view Evan’s photo.

Evan Dorsey is a sexy, brooding male with a checkered past. After writing For Everly, which features a more stable, gentlemanly male lead, I wanted to write about an enigmatic guy with a dark edge to him. Early readers of Meant for Her have told me that there were times in the story where they wanted to hit Evan, and other times that he made them positively swoon. Fortunately, that’s just how I wanted him to come across.


As a professional baseball player, Evan enjoys living a rootless existence.  The one person he had tying him to a location dies tragically just two months before the beginning of Meant for Her, and he’s determined not to get so invested in a person or place again. His resistance to forming attachments sometimes makes him treat others in ways intended to drive them away, a form of self-sabotage.


Once an attachment does form, however, Evan is fiercely loyal and protective of his friends. He’s not afraid to get physical if it means defending someone he cares about or protecting someone who’s being bullied. There’s a tenderness beneath his gruff exterior that surprises even him on occasion.

Physically, Evan is a sublime specimen. He works out daily and takes care of himself, wanting to remain in prime athletic condition. He bears a variety of tattoos on his chest, back, and arms, all of them having meaning to him. His short, dark hair and intense blue eyes combined with his Australian accent and shiny black Harley-Davidson all serve to make him one irresistible rascal.


Note: Click HERE to view Sierra’s photo.

Sierra Stratton was an unnamed character in my first New Adult romance, For Everly. She was a second photographer in what has now become a well-known photo shoot scene in that story. I didn’t know I would be writing her story until after For Everly was released, but once Sierra started talking to me, I couldn’t rest until I had it written.

Upon first glance, it might appear that Sierra is a character without any flaws, but that’s not the case. She’s a “people pleaser” who doesn’t like to see anyone struggling or in pain. This desire to be nice to others whom she feels need help doesn’t always work in her favor, though, and it actually drives her friends and family crazy. She’s just as likely to get herself into trouble as she is saving others.

That doesn’t mean that she’s not strong and independent. On the contrary, Sierra has built a thriving photography career for herself at a young age, and her family relies on her for aspects of their own businesses. She’s also dedicated when it comes to supporting those she loves. Once she sets her mind on something, it’s nearly impossible to divert her from her course.

At five-feet, six inches tall, Sierra packs a lot of energy into a slender frame. Her sunny blonde hair is often streaked with color, and between that, her diamond nose stud, and some select tattoos, she truly looks like the creative young artist that she is. What captures Evan’s attention the most, though, are her dimples. Since she’s a generally happy person, he gets to enjoy the sight of them a lot!


Raine Thomas is the author of bestselling Young Adult and New Adult romantic fiction, including the award-winning Daughters of Saraqael Trilogy and Firstborn Trilogy. She is a proud member of Romance Writers of America and is a contributing blogger to The Writer’s Voice. When she isn’t planning weddings, writing, or glued to social networking sites, she can usually be found on one of Florida’s beautiful beaches with her husband and daughter or crossing the border to visit with her Canadian friends and relatives.

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