PJ’s Secret Procrastination Strategies

Sometimes the words don’t flow very well, so I have to find ways to peak my interest and get my brain back to thinking about my story and the world I’ve built for it. It’s procrastination, because I’m really not working on the story, but it’s my way of redirecting myself back to the important thing: writing.

1) Music Playlists – Songs give me the mood for certain scenes. For the London Undead series, I had a lot of Linkin Park and Skillet playing, amongst others. And oddly enough, I looked for lyrical piano and cello pieces too, no vocal accompaniment.

2) Reset the Brain – If I really can’t think in words, I try to engage my brain in other ways, like playing simple games. It’s dangerous to dive into World of Warcraft or StarCraft II because I could lose hours to those. Instead, I play a level or two of Plants vs Zombies (notice how zombies are a theme to get me back to focusing on my London Undead zombies? yeah) When all else fails…

3) Take a hot shower – I’ve got no idea why and it doesn’t matter if I’ve already taken a shower or two that day, taking a hot shower clears my mind and gets me thinking in the right direction. I almost always hop out and scamper to jot down a few lines on my laptop. This is why I tend to have a post-it note stuck over my laptop camera. Generally, I don’t get dressed first because I’m afraid I’ll forget my thoughts. I do have a robe on though! Usually.

So when you read Sing for the Dead, these are some of the things I did while I was writing the story. And very likely, I’m doing the same to finish book 3, Survive to Dawn. 😉

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