Luke and Glory goes on tour with Aleah Barley

What happens when your main characters goes on tour with you? Well, it could be fun and stressful. Just ask Aleah Barley when Luke and Glory, her leading man and lady, in her new novel ‘Leaving Las Vegas’ joins her on tour. ONLY AT PRETTY GIRLS READ BOOKS!

       It smells like heat and sand. Sun beats down against my back. Outside of the car’s air conditioned interior, the heat makes my shirt stick to my body. I need a nap, and a double-mocha thingy whats-it with a dash of cayenne (at the coffee shop near me that’s called a ‘Sexy Mexican’) and it better be iced. Unfortunately, I’m standing on the side of the road trying to figure out how things spiraled out of control. There was a plan. I remember it fondly.

Step One: Write a rip-roaring adventure novel about a Las Vegas billionaire who always gets what he wants, and the West Virginia wild-child who’s not afraid to tell him no. Send them on a road trip. Add in some car chases. A few shout outs. A kidnapping or two. Don’t forget the wickedly hot sex!

Step Two: Submit said novel to a kick ass publishing house (Got to give a shout out to Entangled, Ignite, and my editor Rochelle). Sit back and wait for the accolades to roll in!

Step Three: Go on an awesome tour through all the stops in my novel!

            What I hadn’t counted on was my characters coming along with me. Luke’s still sizzling with his dark curls, emerald eyes, and tailored suit. Glory’s still wise-cracking and willful. But, this is nuts! We’re five days into the tour—behind schedule—and they’ve stopped on the side of the road to lead a sing-along. Sure, it tied in nicely on the blog post I was writing about road trip music, but a girl has to draw the line somewhere.

            I ball my hands into fists, take a deep breath, and head towards the front of the crowd to give the pair a piece of my mind. Glory spots me first. She grins impishly and elbows Luke in the side. “Look, it’s what’s her name.”

            “Aleah.” Like Luke needs to remind her what my name is. His black velvet voice growling my name sends a shiver down my spine. Damn, the man is sexy.

            “Listen up you two—“ I suck a breath deep into my lungs. The fans who’ve been following me around all day are starting to stare. “I’m the author. I wrote you, and I can unwrite you just as well.” My body is shaking under the force of Luke’s gaze. A single touch and I’ll probably melt into a puddle. Fortunately, he’s more interested in touching Glory than me. “Watch out or I’ll write a sequel. I’ll—“

            “Leaving Las Vegas is a romance,” Luke interrupts, laying down the law. “It ends with a happily-ever-after. No sequels. Not about us.”

            “I’ve got sisters,” Glory offers. “Write about one of them.”

            “Fine,” I finally manage to get the word out. “It’s on.” The crowd has parked them in. If I start driving now, I’ll be the first one to the next stop. I spin and stride back through the crowd. Time to take back control of my tour. Time to—

            “Hey!” A fan girl in a ‘Team Luke’ t-shirt grabs my arm. “Are you really the author?”


            Does every novel need a happily ever after? What about sequels for romance novels? Do you like them? Answer below in the comments, and don’t forget to check out the rest of my characters’ crazy antics by going to my website for links to the rest of the blog tour:

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