Dream Cast: The Wayward Miss Wainwright by Arabella Sheraton


Vernon Sylvester Gillespie Wroxby, Duke of Rotherham and Marquis of Selby, is a very proud man. In fact, pride is his most telling fault because he can’t see that he is doing anything wrong, and he would rather die than admit it. He is of a noble family and although he seems cold and austere on the outside, the family name and continuing the heritage is his obsession. Responsibility to his family comes first in his life. He did love once, but she fell in love with and married his younger brother. Love for his brother came first and he stepped back, hiding the pain under a shield of ice. When Helena Wainwright comes along, she awakens all sorts of feelings within him, feelings he can’t control. Ultimately, she is the making of him and he does show his tender qualities, as well as humility, something very new to him.


Helena Wainwright is the Duke’s sister-in-law. She is unaware of the pain in his life that he keeps well-hidden and only sees the arrogant, condescending exterior at first. She is independent and rightly so: her parents left her comfortably off, so she doesn’t have to look out for a man for protection. She has her own life, friends, and admirers, so she is confident. She is only staying with the Duke to help him with his nieces and nephew after the death of their parents. (The Duke’s brother and Helena’s sister). Slowly she realises her immense attraction towards him, and he towards her, but the Duke’s pride gets in the way. Helena will not beg any man to love her and she does what she thinks is right. Helena has a good heart, and a lot of love to give, but only under the right circumstances.


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