Dream Cast: Miss Dashwood’s Dilemma by Arabella Sheraton



Although Sir Gareth Blakely is deeply in love with Miss Diana

Dashwood, he won’t be pushed around by her (as is her tendency). He is rich,

elegant, as accomplished on the hunting field as in the ballroom, and he has a very

giving and generous nature. He pays Diana’s father’s debts, and even though he

could tell her, he does not – despite her breaking off their engagement on a so-
called whim. He is a really gallant man, and goes out of his way to help damsels in

distress, like Miss Jemima Plymstock. He is aware of all society’s rules, but will

break them if he has to in order to do what is right. He has a deep sense of honour,

but can sometimes be rigid.


Miss Diana Dashwood could be called a spoiled brat if she wasn’t

so beautiful. She is used to getting her own way in most things. Their family’s

fortunes have declined but Diana has the right sense of integrity to not blame

anyone and she makes the best of it. She is intensely, fiercely proud, and breaks

off her engagement to Sir Gareth when she thinks he said something slighting

about her. Her pride forbids her to unbend and allow him to make amends. Her

headstrong nature can get her into trouble and she has the kind of independence

that also gets her into scrapes. However, she has an innately kind and generous

nature and will do anything to help someone in need.


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