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Still the One (Animal Magnetism, #6)Still the One by Jill Shalvis

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Before I continue with my review, allow me to gush on Jill Shalvis brilliance in writing contemporary romance that makes you giggle, snort, and feel emotions! I have been a fan of her work since I’ve stumbled upon her first novel in her ‘Lucky Harbor’ series, ‘Simply Irresistible’. Reading her work is a totally different experience! Not only does the reader enjoy the characters but also the descriptive scenery that adds beauty and excitement in the book. All you need to do is just read and let your imagination run wild! Not a lot of books nowadays could give me that satisfaction. And I didn’t even skip a chapter on this one.

I borrowed this book from the library because I missed reading Jill Shalvis’ work, and I was in the mood for something with humor, less angst and drama. Just a feel good book to get my brain cells to regenerate after a rigorous week of work and going over some study materials. Well, let me introduce you to Darcy Stone (younger sister of Zoe and Wyatt–who’s story was told in Then Came You, book 5 of this series), a most intriguing character that I have encountered. She’s all clever, sass, and independent. A modern woman! She got into an accident that left her with scars and a right leg that is still in recovery. If you have read the last book, she was still in a wheelchair trying her best to get up and walk with some nagging and pushing from her physical therapist, AJ.

The story orbits around AJ and Darcy, their constant bickering (which I think is cute), a totally different side of the story that I was not expecting at all, secondary characters that makes the story more vibrant and interesting, and plot twists that make sense.

What I like most about Still The One is Darcy Stone. Like I have mentioned a while back, she is one strong woman! And she proves it by pushing herself in recovery even though it hurts and she nags at it often which leads her and AJ to sassy arguments. Her ability to help others with a traumatic past. And I like AJ’s determination to help other people, too. This book just shows that there is still good in the world. There is still some people who do honorable things without the need for being famous. Outstanding!

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