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The DesignThe Design by R.S. Grey

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I had high hopes for this book because it was well advertised with rave reviews and an interesting synopsis that will get your attention. This was the first book I’ve read from RS Grey, and to be honest, I am not disappointed at all that I have purchased this book and finally got the gist of her writing prowess. She writes with passion, humor, and truth. The characters in the book felt real to me. However, I felt that ‘The Design’ is dragged on for 30+ chapters and somehow the climax of the story just dissipated into thin air. I skipped many chapters of it and went straight to the ending because it felt boring in the middle. And no matter how much conflict Cammie and the people around her is being thrown at, it still gets a bit dull. Imagine riding a roller coaster, the story builds up as you went up, up, up to the very top, and as soon as gravity takes place, your cart careens in an unimaginable speed! It was fun, enjoyable, and yet as you reach ground level you just feel unsatisfied like, “that was it?”.

I have no complaints about the writing because that’s what made me go on, the characters are well verse and interesting especially Cammie. She’s headstrong, intelligent, and sassy. What irritates me is, she keeps worrying about Grayson all the time! For instance, what would she wear for dinner with Grayson, what would she wear at the office to get Grayson’s attention, who is Grayson boinking at this minute, or Grayson this, Grayson that! ANNOYING! She acts more like a teenager with a crush, than a grown up! Still, a fantastic character to meet. The story is what I’m having problems with. It just lack that unique luster. No matter how minuscule that sheen is, that could be the game changer for this book.

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  1. Usually when you have to start out your book review with “I had high hopes”, you were let down somewhere 🙂 Great review!

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