Book Review on ‘Married to a Perfect Stranger’ by Jane Ashford

Married To a Perfect Stranger by Jane Ashford9781492601906



Three Stars

John and Mary are suppose to be living as Newlywed when John had to leave for an opportunity he could not pass up. After two years apart, both of them have grown to be their own person, and each will discover the changes that will make them either fall in love or tore them apart.

The first few chapters made me think of John as a total arse. Instead of being an understandable husband, he starts criticising Mary’s behavior as unladylike. Mary has always been the daughter her parents thought likely to succeed in life. But she promised herself that once and for all she would stand up for herself and do what she wants, make people listen to her, and she would not let her husband whom she have not seen in two years dictate her ways.

What I like most about the story is it highlights the importance of societal standing in London, the constant interference of families in fear of disgracing one’s name, the complete disregard of women’s opinion because they are not amongst the society of men, and most of all the politics in London of that era. However, I am utterly glad that society have improved eradicating aforementioned highlights.

Married To A Perfect Stranger is a lovely story of a couple seeing each other in a different light. John and Mary will discover the person they have married to be more than what they expect: noble, brave, talented, and beautiful. In a world where people think the least of them, they will always have each other as a pillar of strength and motivation to come out successful.