‘The Hope That Starts’ by Heidi Hutchinson | Book Review

The Hope That Starts (Double Blind Study, #5)The Hope That Starts by Heidi Hutchinson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was actually the first novel that I’ve read authored by Heidi Hutchinson. Although I have read outstanding reviews from readers about her work, it just did not appeal to me. That being said, her writing prowess, character development, and hours of pure entertainment made me question my judgment and will surely read the REST of ‘Double Blind Study’ series.

What attracted me to the story was the main character Zelda Fitzpatrick. She is just a joy! If she were a real person we’d be BFFs for sure. This girl speaks MY language! Star Wars, Sherlock, Tolkien fandom! And her best friend is SUPER awesome! I could totally go out with these chicks and cosplay in Comic Con!! I would be an 18th century maiden living in Scotland and the daughter of a powerful Laird. *wink* Oops! Sorry. I got sidetracked. Every time I read Zelda’s thoughts I feel like she’s reaching out to me. There were moments that I would smile, laugh at her quirkiness, and just teary all of a sudden. The emotions are palpable!! Not many books left that effect on me.

A standalone with a plot twist and a happily ever after in the end. Not a lot of sex though but the sexual tension between Zelda and Harrison (the hero) is too much that you would not need explicit sex scenes to make you pant like you’ve run a freaking marathon. Highly recommended for readers who are more interested in character development and story progression than characters constantly jumping each other’s bones. If you have read ‘Double Blind Study’ series then you’ll meet characters from previous books which I’m sure the DBS fans missed. And if you are NOT reading this series yet, well you better start now and don’t be a fool like me.

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