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Burn for Me (Fighting Fire, #1)Burn for Me by Lauren Blakely

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I am a huge fan of Lauren Blakely’s work. In the New Adult Romance genre, she is one of my favorite authors to date. Her stories are sexy, steamy, and romantic. And although the main hero may have very naughty choice of vocabulary, this fact does not deter me from reading her books. So, this review is entirely about the book, NOT the author.

I bought this book for two reasons. One, because it’s a Lauren Blakely book. Two, the hero’s occupation is a firefighter, and I LOVE firefighter romance novel no matter how cheesy they get. I always have a soft spot for people who risk their lives to save others. Men and women in uniform is our today’s heroes!

Although I bought the book with haste, I have not read it until now. To be honest, I am quite disappointed with Jamie (the female main character). There’s only one word I can describe her (and she even said it herself in the book): a dunce! I do not mean this as an insult to her intellect, but her constant lecture of not falling for the wrong guy. I do not like the way she treats Smith as ‘just a fling’ when people keep telling her that the way he looks at her is more than ‘just a fling’. She is so afraid of risking her heart to Smith that she puts him in the friend-zone as soon as their one-week is up. If I was her friend, I would slap her so hard she would see stars! And by the time she did decide to give her heart to him, she immediately suspects him of adultery. I was absolutely dumbfounded! Smith was in absolute shock when he’s greeted with accusations of not caring. I feel bad for him.

Overall, the story did not do anything for me. I even skipped the sex scenes, because I want to know that the relationship between Smith and Jamie is MORE than physical. But it seems to me that Smith has more to offer than Jamie in their relationship. Physically AND emotionally.

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