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Book: Slave To Passion

Author: Sarah O’Rourke

Genre: Erotica

Join the newest couple at The Estate…a hedonistic escape that caters to the elite and privileged, mingling decadence with delicious depravity.

Madison Laurant conquers the world in the courtroom…but only knows repression in the bedroom.  Her desires are barely contained under the surface, just waiting to be stoked and fanned into a raging inferno by the one man brave enough to brave her defenses…her law partner, Hunter DeLuca.

Slave to Passion is graphic erotica mixed with a steamy, romantic plot that will keep you begging for more!

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Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon Canada

“Just kiss me, Madison,” Hunt suggested huskily, pressing his aroused body against hers.  “If you don’t feel anything, we’ll pretend this conversation of ours never happened.”

“Really?” Madison breathed, his lips so close to hers she could almost taste him.

“Really,” he whispered back, his lips grazing hers as his body tightened painfully, reminding him exactly how long it had been since he’d held a warm, willing woman against him.  Quickly covering her mouth with his, he captured her soft moan as he aggressively thrust his tongue against hers.  Weaving his fingers through her silky hair, he drew her closer, angling his head to deepen their kiss.

Burying her fingers in his shirt as she returned his kiss, she sighed as his tongue twirled around hers and danced sensuously inside her mouth.  God, he tasted like heaven, a blend of coffee and male, intoxicating her as surely as any bottle of wine ever had.  It was heady and sinful, this power he wielded over her.  She felt his arms tighten, and her body automatically softened around his, her soft curves cradling his hard ridges.

“Oh, damn,” she whispered breathlessly when he released her lips long enough to form coherent thought.  Already, his mouth had descended against her neck, his touch blazing a path of destruction against her painstakingly-honed self-control.  Her mind did battle with her body as he bit gently at her throat and stroked her heavy breast with one capable hand.

Belatedly, she realized that this war had been won as soon as he had set his lips to hers.

*** Bonus! Teaser from ‘Stranded In Paradise’ ***

Caught in a sensual storm as the effects of Dave’s familiar kiss flooded through her body just as Ethan’s tongue tortured her tightened nipples, Tiffany made a desperate sound in the back of her throat.  These two powerful men were all hers for the night.  That single thought was enough to make her pussy convulse.  “I need to cum,” she whimpered between frantic kisses.  “Ethan, David, please,” she begged, desperately tangling her fingers in their hair and tugging.  “Please, boys!  Let me cum!”

Turning his heated gaze on Ethan, Dave smirked.  “What do you say, Sweet Thing?  Do we wanna give this lovely lady the cock she’s begging for?”


  • Get Off – Prince
  • Cream – Prince
  • Push It – Salt N Pepa
  • Shake It Off – Florence and the Machine
  • Pour Some Sugar On Me – Def Leopard



  • Wicked Game – Chris Isaak
  • Demons – Imagine Dragons
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  • Fallen Angel – Poison
  • Amazon – Aerosmith


*** 3.5 Stars ***

The Good.

I like the plot! There’s nothing more intriguing than two adversaries whose chemistry are off the charts! Romance novels usually have heroes who’s indecisive towards their feelings for the heroine, leaving her confused as ever. They have commitment issues, guarded, and lays down the “I’m attracted to you but I’m not the picket-fence kind of guy” card. (Ah, yeah, I’ve read that a lot!) But Hunter is different from your typical romance hero. He’s the kind of guy who is straight forward to what his intentions are; demanding but in a sweet kind of way, likes to prove his point in actions and words, and does not play around. His unavowed admiration for Madison makes it unbelievable because of their status as nemesis in the court room. After her bitter divorce and meltdown, Madison could not even think of someone being interested in her let alone be the center of Hunter’s desire.

The Best Scene.

The office scene is the best love scene EVER! Its sexy and exciting. My brain was continuously stimulated by such graphic scenes that I had to read that part repeatedly and slowly just to make certain I hadn’t miss a single detail!

Although the story is beautifully written (I must admit, I’m thoroughly impressed with the writing prowess of Sarah), I just didn’t feel any connection with it. Maybe its just me. Overall, a quick short erotic read to keep you company during those cold lonely nights.

Sarah O’Rourke is the alter ego of two best friends who bonded over their passion for romantic fiction and erotica. Born and raised in the southern United States, one lives near Louisville, Kentucky, while the other resides in Atlanta, Georgia.  Formerly an accountant and a chemist, they are now overworked, stay-at-home moms who adore their children, their husbands…and writing about love in every way possible.

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