[Blog Tour] Faith To Endure by Nicole Brightman

Book: Faith To Endure

Author: Nicole Brightman

Cora Allen thought her dreams had finally come true. She had her dream job, amazing friends, and the perfect man, Lord Eric Ashford. When he asks her to marry him it seems her happily ever after is on the horizon. Until a piece of Eric’s past comes back and shakes the very foundation of their relationship. Cora never thought he would keep secrets from her. Secrets everyone knows, except for her. His family won’t accept her, and Eric doesn’t trust her. Cora begins to question if them being together is what’s best for anyone. She wants to be with Eric but if she can’t handle being Lady Ashford, maybe she should leave now.

How could so much go wrong in one day? Lord Eric Ashford’s life seemed perfect. He was surrounded by the people he loves most in this world and about to announce his engagement to the love of his life. Then suddenly everything is in chaos. Cora’s gone. All she left is a letter telling him he’s lost her. He refuses to accept that; Lord Eric Ashford doesn’t lose, ever.

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Nicole Brightman is passionate about reading and writing. She loves to read just about anything she can get her hands on. She is a Harry Potter mega-fan and has read the books enough to have to replace them. She enjoys reading stories where love concurs all in multiple genres.

Nicole is also a busy mother of two year old triplets. She spends most of her time doing various activities with them. She also enjoys baking and gardening. Nicole has lived all around the country and is currently residing outside of Seattle. She adores the Pacific Northwest with its varied terrain and mellow disposition. Her current home is also in close proximity to her favorite shoe store, making it ideal.