Paper Towns by John Green (Book Review)

Paper Towns by John Green

After reading John Green’s The Fault In Our Stars, which by the way left me hanging, I search high and low for good books written by Green. Since Paper Towns is highly recommended from Goodreads, I added it to my list of Young-Adult to-read category. I borrowed a copy from the library as soon as it was available.

This time, the story is centered on Quentin Jacobsen, a senior who has strong feelings for Margo Roth Spiegelman, who’s not only pretty and popular at school but also his next door neighbor. Q, as what his commonly called by his friends, prefers the company of his two nerd-tastic friends: Ben and Radar, living a boring life, and admiring Margo from a distance. However, everything changed when Margo decided to drag Quentin’s butt out of his room looking like a ninja. Quentin was hesitant but he went anyway, and boy! Was it rewarding! Sure, he didn’t get enough sleep but a night out with Margo Roth Spiegelman ALONE is way better than getting eight-hours of sleep. But Margo disappeared after their all-nighter; leaving clues for Quentin, endless nights deciphering Margo’s message for him, and hoping that he’s not too late.

It’s different from all the books that I’ve read. I want to skip the searching part of the book, and just go straight to the conclusion. But I ended up reading every. Single. Page. I’m astounded of how brilliant Quentin and his friends are, especially Radar (I’m telling you, nerds are sexy!). There are some funny one-liners, too but not much as ‘The Fault In Our Stars’. And even though Quentin is reined by Margo as ‘King of Grammar’, he can never beat

Hazel’s highly intellectual words (a character from The Fault In Our Stars).

Yes, I liked it but to me ‘IT WAS OKAY’. Just a story of a boy searching endlessly for a girl. I’m actually doubtful if a guy like Quentin exists in real life. Teenage boys nowadays would easily get over a girl. Sure, he’ll think about THAT girl once or twice but he won’t dwell long enough, like what Quentin did. I don’t even feel his love for Margo. Unlike, Augustus and Hazel’s relationship. Theirs was genuine. Like an old-couple trapped in a sixteen-year-old body diagnosed with cancer. But hey, it’s just me, right? We’re all entitled to our opinion.

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