I’m amazed how a piece of notebook and a pen can hide one’s thoughts, aspirations, and secrets. It’s almost as if these material has its own life! My journal was a big part of me when I couldn’t bare to share my childish thoughts to my parents, information that I could not share to my friends, and experiences that only I can feel. However, it does have its disadvantage, especially when its used for blackmail.

as i see it


Perhaps it is something that many of us had done during our younger days or as one of our school assignments. Maybe we have gotten quite older, and some of us felt that it is something that children do, so we felt as if it was necessary to leave it in the memories of our youth, in those old boxes of our childhood memorabilia. I had been thinking about this for the past year, and yes, it really took me a year to realize this. No, the art of journal writing is not dead yet. At least I hope not.

Prior to starting my own blog, I have kept little notebooks or mini-journals. In those small treasures, I’ve kept certain thoughts, verses, or specific quotes that I find beautiful and valuable or applicable in specific aspects of my life. Now, as I sit and look back, leafing through my little…

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