My Neighbor, Steve Jobs (via Lisen’s “Blog” – An Angle of PrismWork)

I’ve read loads of stuff about Steve Jobs minutes after he filed his resignation and made Tim Cook the new CEO of Apple. As soon as he stepped down, the media went wild. Various reports says that he’s going to die soon, some of them remains hopeful that he’ll recover in his condition. You may wonder which side am I? I would be one of the hopefuls that wishes and prays that Steve Jobs will recover fast and take the backseat for a while.

To the man whom my fiancé viewed as one of the greatest man alive. The legend who change the phase of creative innovation, who made communication more accessible anywhere in the world. Thank you! And get well soon, Steve!

My Neighbor, Steve Jobs This article first appeared in Palo Alto Patch. My neighbor, Steve Jobs, has been in the news lately. The talk of the town is the recent announcement he will be stepping aside to let other seeds grow at Apple. The business press, the general press, the blogosphere, and just about everybody else has waxed poetic about the “greatest CEO of all time” saying that this “boy wonder” has shaped the very nature of our lives with his genius.  It’s all tru … Read More

via Lisen's "Blog" – An Angle of PrismWork