Online Dating | Date at Your Own Risk

Right now, at this very moment, thousands or millions of people are going out on a date. It can be their first (which, in my opinion, the most vital and cru

cial stage in the dating phase) or second date (lucky if you get a third one).

All over the world, people are getting to know each other; envisioning the person right in front of them as their ‘lifetime’ partner, and (some… well, most people) thinking of how good he/she performs in bed. They can be out on a yacht drinking bubbly champagne

enjoying the cool breeze and scent of fresh saltwater (for the rich), dining in a fancy restaurant savoring the delicious lobster perhaps (for middle class individuals), or a meet-up in Starbucks (which I think is the most convenient place since you barely even know your date, and just to make sure you have a quick escape route in case he turns into a psychopath). Oh yes, that’s what grown-ups and responsible people do nowadays.

According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the sense of Belonging or love is the third most important need of a human being. Second is sense of Security such as employment, resources, health, morality, family, etc., and the first and most fundamental need is Physiological, that includes breathing, food, water, sleep, excretion and sex (Yes, Bishop! In case you didn’t know, Sex is one of the fundamental needs of a human being. So, why not cut to the chase and let RH Bill push through, okay?). However, if an individual is unable to attain any of these needs, with the exception of Physiological need (Oops! Sorry, Bishop. My bad! I took it too literally), he will feel anxious and tense, unwanted, ineffective, and useless. Human beings, no matter how unique and genuine we are, the feeling of being accepted and loved is a wondrous sentiment that no mortal can buy. That’s why dating came into existence since… nobody knows when.

Yes! Dating is absolutely fun: Flattery there, infatuation here, those giddy emotions that you felt when your all-time-crush ask you out for a movie date and hoping that you end up making out at the back of his car OR the things that I said a while ago turns into a total disaster! Oh yes, absolutely fun. But what if you’re a business tycoon like Mark Zuckerberg who understands ‘mingle’ as meeting with other business tycoon to seal the deal on a new social network that would allow humans to ‘socialize’ with aliens (good for him he has a girlfriend). Dating would not be entirely possible especially if you’re the type of person who’s aloof and demophobic OR you’re just another Mark Zuckerberg who can’t be bothered by dating because your irrevocable schedule won’t allow you to ‘have a life’. If you’re in this sort of situation, dating could be really difficult but with the aid of high-tech innovation and state of the art communication gadgets, dating could be easy as sending an e-mail, a ‘POKE’ on Facebook, a Tweet of 140 characters, or a smiley on your messenger and just click ‘Send’. All you need to do is to sound cool and confident when conversing with that person and you’ll get a date online in no time. Just be careful though cause stuff like these has its pros and cons.

Online Mishaps

According to, 40 million Americans use online dating services and 44% of adult American population is single. So, your chances of having a virtual girlfriend/boyfriend are high. What about in Asian country like in Philippines where tradition and culture is still practiced and is given utmost importance? I dare say some of our Romeo’s and Juliet’s out there are giving 21st Century a chance to prove its worth in helping them find TRUE love. For those of you who haven’t tried online dating always remember to THINK before you ACT!

Think of the possibilities that not all people you talk to online are legit. Some of them are posers, scammers, rapists, thieves, lady-boys, and stalkers (scary!). Don’t give out any personal information about you such as your home address, telephone number, contact number, what time you’re getting on and off work/school, etc. Make the conversation more general like, “how’s the weather there?”, “what city are you from?”, “how old are you?” And if you think that he’s just too good to be true ask him to turn on his webcam and voice chat him. Con-artists usually make excuses, they’ll tell you that connection is not good, battery’s about to drain; they’ll use every trick in the book to get what they want.

When it’s time for you to meet him always Act accordingly and with caution. You can ask someone to come with you, NEVER leave the premises alone with the person you just met, and be time conscious—never stay out too late. Always remember: NO. 1 PRIORITY IS YOUR SAFETY! If you sense danger, by all means RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

You Have To Dig Deeper

In a world full of dishonest people it’s quite difficult to trust anyone. You want to isolate yourself because of this common notion that you can’t trust anybody but yourself.

By experience, I have met and dated a couple of people who not only used me but broke my heart as well. With that experience, I came to conclude that there are a lot of things that I need to learn in real life, like people will do anything to get what they want. But I guess you need to dig deeper before you find your treasure, aye?


Finding the love of my life wasn’t easy at all. Well, technically, he found me. I never thought we would end up soon-to-be-married when both of us are totally heart stricken by our previous relationships; him as a victim of a cheating girlfriend that lasted for three years or so, and me as a no-strings-attached girlfriend who [ex-boyfriend] prefers to be kept hidden until he’s ‘ready’. Both of us have “relationship issues” when we met, but as we talk everyday (oh, did I tell you guys that we met online?) we begin to feel comfortable and trust each other. Although, we only knew each other for a month before we started dating we felt like we’ve been friends for years! He knows things that my friends don’t know, and in return he tells me about his life no matter how devastating or comedic it was.

Everyone wants an ending full of vibrant colors. You just have to wait because everything will soon fall into place at the right moment. Whether its formal dating, arranged dating, or online dating your happiness is just around the corner if you’re willing to wait and take the risk.


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