College Friends

During our Pinning Ceremony 2009

Five or six years ago, around June 13, my college life started. New school, new faces, new life. Away from my old friends in high school. I never imagine I could meet good friends in an environment where I feel so out-of-place. But everything changed when I met my first friends: Nike, Marce, and Joy.  I thought its gonna be a difficult transition, but it wasn’t like that. I was able to fit in by just being ME. I don’t have to change how I look, I don’t have to be super cool, and I don’t need to be filthy rich to earn and gain friends. I was just the simple, eccentric, crazy-in-a-funny-way ME.

College life isn’t easy especially if you’re taking up Nursing. Good thing is my friends prefer to do stuff together. For instance, We study as a pack, take our lunch together and just laugh our hearts out just to take the stress away. Nursing is difficult (so, if you’re the person who wants to take up nursing, better consult student nurses first before you decided), burns you alive (not literally!), nosebleed discussions (again, not literally!) and makes your life a living hell (this time, it’s literal!). But with friends around who shares you’re angst and frustrations then life can be easy (sort of).

Like all normal people, we do have some occasional arguments. I mean, come on, we’re not all happy-happy all the way. We have different opinions ergo the clash of ideas leading to misunderstanding and arguments.  But eventually, we we’re able to resolve the issue, make amends, and concede. And because of those differences we begin to understand each other and make our bond stronger.

I consider my friends as my family. I admit, I only have few friends but those few friends knows the real Vivian and that’s enough for me.


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  1. I m proud of who you were in college and who you become today. You are a wonderful girl with attracting personality. And I am so glad that you are a nurse. I love you.

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