Boredom results to Blogging

According to, Boredom defines as the state of being weary and restless through lack of interest. That’s exactly what I’m feeling right now, thus the creation of my own blog! Ta-da!

Honestly, I never thought of creating my own blog-space where I can just blab about anything under the sun and no one would care (that is before you read the comment box and realize that there are indeed some people who gives crap about what you say). Maybe y’all think that this website might be useless and WordPress should just shut my site cause it’s just a piece of trash but I must tell you in advance… BE NICE! I’m a newbie for Christ’s sake! Give me more time to warm up and I assure you, something good will come out of this blog-site. Just wait and see.

Webcam Crazy

Taking photos with my new HP Netbook built-in webcam.


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